Pinewood Derby

A few weeks ago (eek – a MONTH ago!) Matthew completed his first Pinewood Derby. It was quite an experience. Matthew designed his car and helped with painting it, but Steven had to do the actual cutting (Matthew + handsaw = trip to ER).

David and Nana came along with us as part of Team Lightning Car. See that gold section in the front?

That’s the lightning catcher. As Matthew explained it, lightning would get caught in the valley and make the car go Super Fast!

He was very proud of his car, and he was a good cub scout during the derby. His car didn’t win, but it ran well and he placed admirably in the middle of the Tiger cubs.

The derby itself was a lot of fun. Even David had a good time watching the cars race. It was fun to see the varied designs the other Tiger cubs had for their cars.

Next year, we’ll try to get some better tools for Daddy. Even with all his years of experience handling saws, he managed to cut himself.

Totally worth it, though.


February 26, 2012. Daddy, David, Matthew.

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