Leprechaun Trap

Matthew took some extra branches we gathered up doing yard work and created a Leprechaun trap.

Why yes, St. Patrick’s day was last week. Why do you ask?

At any rate, Matthew stacked the branches next to a tree and wound some string through it like a web.

Then he colored some of the branches blue so it would “look like rain.”

Leprechauns don’t like rain. Surely they will see the rain and dive under the branches for cover. Right? Right?

One of Matthew’s classmates stopped by to see what he was doing. Her mother felt the trap was a really good idea. A week after St. Patrick’s day, the Leprechauns won’t be prepared for traps.

Meanwhile, David was giving his imaginary best friend, Baby, a ride on Matthew’s bike.

Baby doesn’t have the best sense of balance.

I don’t think he was hurt.

Matthew’s trap hasn’t netted a Leprechaun just yet, but we remain optimistic.


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The Sour Taste of Success

In the middle of Sunday afternoon, Matthew announced he was going to open a lemonade stand. He grabbed a crate, his baby quilt, a beach chair, some cups, and the pitcher of lemonade.

He made a sign, and I put out the change cup with a note reading $.25.

Daddy, David and I paid our quarters for our lemonade.

And then the funniest thing happened. Someone stopped by and bought a cup of lemonade! No, really! A mom stopped her car, her daughter hopped out, paid a whole dollar, got her lemonade, and headed home.

I was amazed. Matthew was delighted.

A few of our neighbors stopped by and way overpaid for their lemonade. David shouted “LEMONADE!!!” at every passing car. They hung out in the driveway for close to an hour, but we had to close up shop and head to church for the Easter egg roll.

He made almost $6 out there. Something tells me we will be doing a lot of lemonade stands this summer.

You should totally stop by, too. It’s good lemonade. I ought to know. I mixed it up myself.

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International Day

Matthew’s school celebrated International Day last week. We sent in a picture of a boy dressed up in “a traditional costume representing your families heritage.”

I came up with a number of smart aleck ideas. Lederhosen, a kilt with proper Scottish tartan, whatever the Irish consider “traditional.” (Which would be, what? Pants and a shirt? You KNOW it’s not shamrocks). Steven suggested a Mao suit.

After we got that out of our system, I looked up what the Chinese consider a “traditional boy’s outfit.” It’s a silk shirt and pants with a fancy silk vest. I found some scrapbook paper, cut out the pieces (which took forever), and glued it all together. Matthew drew in the hair and face.

When he put the finished project in his back pack, he turned to me and said, “but Mommy, we’re not Chinese.”

(Insert eye-roll here)

The actual evening was a lot of fun. We wandered around the gym visiting the various countries, picking up paper flags, tasting treats, looking at maps. It was good, though a little warm. The AC isn’t working at school and we are having the warmest Spring ever. Really. It’s a little freaky.

Anyway, Matthew really wanted to show David his classroom, so we headed down to the A Pod and found his room.

David was very impressed. Matthew was a good tour guide, too. He showed David all the key areas – the coat closet, the Top Frog Chair, the calendar, the bathroom.

I tried to get the boys to stick around for the bagpipe player, but they decided it was “too loud.”  So, maybe not a kilt next year. I still like the idea of Lederhosen…



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Finding Lost Things

This morning began like most Mondays – with a fervent search for a missing library book.

Monday is Matthew’s library day. A better mother would keep his library books in one spot, or would gather them up on Sunday night, or would make her own child find his own books. Alas, I am only an average mother, so Monday dawns and I scramble around looking in the usual spots for a book whose title I can’t really remember (although it’s a fair bet the word “monster” or “reptile” is in the title).

In the middle of this mornings library book hunt, the phone rang. It was the mother of Matthew’s classmate calling because her son, who has autism, walked out of their house an hour, or more, before without anyone knowing it. He was lost. She was frantic. Had we seen him? Would we look out for him? Because of his autism, he doesn’t speak.

I assured her we would look. Steven was leaving for his walk with Lucy, so I told him to keep an eye out.  For a child he’s never met. Who doesn’t talk. Steven didn’t even blink (he is such a good egg) and off he went.

I got the boys dressed, in case we needed to go help, while simultaneously looking for a library book whose title I couldn’t remember and praying for a boy I was sure would be found safely, but Oh. My. Gravy.

The phone rang. He was safe. He had wandered to a neighbor’s house and rang the bell. Not knowing who he was, the neighbor called the police. Safe and sound, and not far from home.

Thank heavens.

This left the Lost Book.  David offered to look downstairs. “Go for it,” I told him. He walked downstairs and hollered, “I FOUND IT!” which I completely discounted because David always finds everything, except he doesn’t.

But he had! He had found the book! He remembered that Matthew had gotten some crazy book about CGI and the making of a football commercial (where do they get this stuff?) and he knew just where it was.

I gave him a handful of jelly beans.

And since it was waaaaay to early to drink, I made a second cup of coffee.

If I accomplish nothing else today, I can take comfort knowing that the child is safe,  the books were found,  my boys are fine, and the dog got walked.

All before eight o’clock.

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The Broken Finger That Wasn’t

Hopping down from the minivan a few weeks ago, Matthew slid on some leaves and landed, hand first, on a box.

It hurt.

A lot.

After a few minutes, I realized his finger was swelling and he couldn’t bend it. Broken? Jammed? I couldn’t really tell, so I iced it and waited.

And it stayed painful, swollen, and unbending.

I called our trusty Kaiser number and got an appointment at the weekend urgent care clinic. Steven took him in. They got an x-ray.

Not broken.

Good news, right?

Right. So why did they wrap it up in a splint?

No reason. Slow day at urgent care is my best guess.

Matthew was told he could take it off whenever. So he took off right after I got a picture.

And it hasn’t bothered him since.

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Matthew’s Photo Journal

While I was in the shower this week, Matthew grabbed the camera and had a mini photo session with David and Lucy.

I don’t know what I love more,

David’s cheerfulness,

or Lucy’s patience,

or Matthew’s sense of composition.

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