The Broken Finger That Wasn’t

Hopping down from the minivan a few weeks ago, Matthew slid on some leaves and landed, hand first, on a box.

It hurt.

A lot.

After a few minutes, I realized his finger was swelling and he couldn’t bend it. Broken? Jammed? I couldn’t really tell, so I iced it and waited.

And it stayed painful, swollen, and unbending.

I called our trusty Kaiser number and got an appointment at the weekend urgent care clinic. Steven took him in. They got an x-ray.

Not broken.

Good news, right?

Right. So why did they wrap it up in a splint?

No reason. Slow day at urgent care is my best guess.

Matthew was told he could take it off whenever. So he took off right after I got a picture.

And it hasn’t bothered him since.


March 12, 2012. Matthew.

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