Finding Lost Things

This morning began like most Mondays – with a fervent search for a missing library book.

Monday is Matthew’s library day. A better mother would keep his library books in one spot, or would gather them up on Sunday night, or would make her own child find his own books. Alas, I am only an average mother, so Monday dawns and I scramble around looking in the usual spots for a book whose title I can’t really remember (although it’s a fair bet the word “monster” or “reptile” is in the title).

In the middle of this mornings library book hunt, the phone rang. It was the mother of Matthew’s classmate calling because her son, who has autism, walked out of their house an hour, or more, before without anyone knowing it. He was lost. She was frantic. Had we seen him? Would we look out for him? Because of his autism, he doesn’t speak.

I assured her we would look. Steven was leaving for his walk with Lucy, so I told him to keep an eye out.  For a child he’s never met. Who doesn’t talk. Steven didn’t even blink (he is such a good egg) and off he went.

I got the boys dressed, in case we needed to go help, while simultaneously looking for a library book whose title I couldn’t remember and praying for a boy I was sure would be found safely, but Oh. My. Gravy.

The phone rang. He was safe. He had wandered to a neighbor’s house and rang the bell. Not knowing who he was, the neighbor called the police. Safe and sound, and not far from home.

Thank heavens.

This left the Lost Book.  David offered to look downstairs. “Go for it,” I told him. He walked downstairs and hollered, “I FOUND IT!” which I completely discounted because David always finds everything, except he doesn’t.

But he had! He had found the book! He remembered that Matthew had gotten some crazy book about CGI and the making of a football commercial (where do they get this stuff?) and he knew just where it was.

I gave him a handful of jelly beans.

And since it was waaaaay to early to drink, I made a second cup of coffee.

If I accomplish nothing else today, I can take comfort knowing that the child is safe,  the books were found,  my boys are fine, and the dog got walked.

All before eight o’clock.


March 19, 2012. Daddy, David, family, Matthew, Mommy.

One Comment

  1. Sarah kate replied:

    Glad he was found! Also…this is my Tues. morning & Friday because I’m an average mom too & we never have our books ready : )

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