Leprechaun Trap

Matthew took some extra branches we gathered up doing yard work and created a Leprechaun trap.

Why yes, St. Patrick’s day was last week. Why do you ask?

At any rate, Matthew stacked the branches next to a tree and wound some string through it like a web.

Then he colored some of the branches blue so it would “look like rain.”

Leprechauns don’t like rain. Surely they will see the rain and dive under the branches for cover. Right? Right?

One of Matthew’s classmates stopped by to see what he was doing. Her mother felt the trap was a really good idea. A week after St. Patrick’s day, the Leprechauns won’t be prepared for traps.

Meanwhile, David was giving his imaginary best friend, Baby, a ride on Matthew’s bike.

Baby doesn’t have the best sense of balance.

I don’t think he was hurt.

Matthew’s trap hasn’t netted a Leprechaun just yet, but we remain optimistic.



March 28, 2012. David, Matthew.

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