Rainy days are perfect

for afternoon naps.

April 30, 2012. David, Lucy. Leave a comment.

Breaking All the Rules

We don’t allow dogs on the furniture.

In her defense, the dog bed is on the chair.

April 25, 2012. Lucy. Leave a comment.

Mommy, Look At Us!

I came downstairs after my shower and found my counter absolutely crawling in little boys.


On the one hand, I applaud their self-sufficiency. On the other hand, they spilled stuff everywhere. And I’m not entirely sure David is wearing underpants.

April 24, 2012. David, Matthew. 1 comment.

David’s 1st Soccer Game of Spring

Soccer started up again last week. David was delighted to be on the field again.

He is super excited to have Daddy as a coach.

His jersey is number 10.

His team is called the Yellow Tigers.

He scored a goal in the first game.

Hooray for soccer!

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Jogathon 2012

Matthew’s school held their annual Jogathon on Friday. It was a lovely day to be outside – sunny, warm, clear, but not too hot.

Warming up

Heading out strong - alongside someone's little brother.

After - chillin' with his peeps.

Look, ma! Eight laps!

Five laps = 1 mile, so I figure he ran just over a mile and a half.

Ice pops for everyone!

High-fiving the kindergarteners.

I wonder if he'll still be happy to have me around when he's a sixth grader.

The class as a whole ran well over 200 laps. And boy, were they tired.

April 22, 2012. Matthew, Mommy, special occasions. Leave a comment.

A Picture is Worth… (you know the rest)

It’s trite, but it’s true. Sometimes a moment in time really defies explanation.

Matthew’s school is having spirit week this week. It’s clearly run by the girls, because every day involves a different type of outfit. Today’s theme was miss matched clothes.

The shoes were his idea.

April 18, 2012. Matthew. Leave a comment.

Definitely NOT Compostible

Lucy was having a bark-fest around the compost bin this morning. This is hardly unusual. One of her favorite activities is to bark at the compost bin, the fence next to the bin, the drain next to the bin. We figure there is a neighborhood cat who skulks around there.

So she barked, and I ignored her. I did check on her once, and I saw her trying to leap up on top. I opened the window and hollered at her to stop. She had (I thought) knocked the front off and compost was spilling out on the grass. Oh, great! Another item on my “to do” list. Clean up the compost.  I didn’t exactly hurry out.

When I did, I filled a bucket with the stuff, which I planned to put at the base of the tree we got for Steven a few years ago. But not all of the compost had broken down. I grabbed a few stray egg shells to toss back in, flung back the lid, and came face to face with a big, fat raccoon.

Always good in a crisis, I shrieked and ran about 6 feet away.

The raccoon, having made a fairly impressive entrance, beat a hasty retreat. He leaped down and headed for the fence. After an hour of barking at this thing, Lucy was not letting it go without a fight. She lunged and jumped onto the raccoon. I yelled, I mean really yelled, at her to leave it alone. For heaven’s sake, just think of the vet bills! She relaxed long enough for the raccoon to get onto the fence. It took him a minute to heave his fat butt over the top, and then he ran off.

I may never innocently fling that lid open again.

April 11, 2012. Lucy, Mommy. 1 comment.