Rain Gutter Regatta

The Tiger scouts got to participate in the Rain Gutter Regatta a few weeks ago.

We spare no expense on fancy signs in cub scouts.

Each of the boys got a boat kit to paint and assemble. Matthew chose his favorite colors – purple, green, and gold.

Herding cats. It’s what we do in Tiger scouts.

On the day of the race, Matthew asked me if he was going to have to climb all the way up the ladder to get to the rain gutter. Six is still a very literal age, apparently.

The race consisted of each boy blowing through a regulation straw onto the sail of his boat to propel it down the rain gutter, which was NOT connected to the side of a house.

We had a double elimination system set up, so you could lose one race and still race again.

Matthew’s cheering team of Grandpa and David.

The regatta was a little trickier than the pinewood derby. At least, it resulted in a lot more frustration and grief on the part of the participants.

Getting the straw into position.

But I was really proud of Matthew. Actually, really really proud of him. He cheered on his fellow competitors. Even though other kids left to go play, Matthew stayed and cheered on each racer.


His boat did really well, but when he lost the first time, he congratulated the winner and went right back to cheering on the other scouts.

He had a whole system going for continuous blowing through the straw.

He didn’t win. In the last race, his sail starting twisting with each blow, but he didn’t get frustrated. He fixed the sail and kept on going. And even though the other scout was done, Matthew kept at it until his boat was at the end of the rain gutter.

I was so proud of him.

Getting his 2nd place ribbon.

Matthew was pretty excited to get a ribbon. His pride lasted almost 5 whole minutes until he started thinking about something else. Like which flashlight he would bring camping.

I love that kid.


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Hats Off to Us!

On Mother’s Day, I got together with my family for a picnic. My sister, just back from Kentucky Downs, brought gifts for us.

She brought hats! Fascinators, to be exact.

Demonstrating the proper way to wear a fascinator.

Aren’t we pretty?

We wore our fancy hats all evening. I can hardly wait for a hat-worthy occasion to come up so I can wear it again.

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Oh, Deer!

It’s mulberry season and the tree in our backyard is in full bloom. It’s got to be a favorite time of year for our neighborhood deer. I looked out back this week and saw one munching away on berries. In our yard. While Lucy watched from the porch.

She could have gone out into the yard if she wanted to. She didn’t want to. She stood stock still on the porch until the deer left on its own.

Her contract does not include deer removal.

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On our way home from camping, we stopped at Cracker Barrel for Second Breakfast. The boys enjoyed a game of checkers while we waited for our table.

Every time David made a move  he said, “Avast! Here I come, mateys!”

Checkers is a lot more fun when you talk like a pirate.


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First Camping Trip

When Steven and I got married I told him I would happily camp in any Holiday Inn anywhere on Earth.

Then we had two boys.

So, last weekend we headed out for our first family camping trip.

“Take me! Take me! I’ll sleep in the tent! I won’t even bark! Much….”

We camped at the Boy Scout camp in Haymarket, VA. They had the canvas tents set up, so we got to avoid the hassle of figuring out if Steven’s ancient tent a) still works and b) has directions for putting it together.

The boys had a fantastic time running around outside and playing with the other kids. There were a few organized activities, but they were just as happy making up their own games.

David checked out the camp bed.

Daddy checked out the bed, too. He checked it out for awhile. With his eyes closed. He may have snored a little bit….

Spider Man books. Never leave home without them.

After running around the campsite, we got together for a pack dinner. One of our organized activities was prepping potatoes and corn to be grilled.

Hot dogs!


We had a camp fire in the evening with skits and s’mores. Matthew loved the skits, some of which were even funny to adults.

We managed to sleep pretty well, despite the train that rolled through town nearby at 10 pm. And 11 pm. And 2 am.

In the morning, we had bagels and juice. The adults huddled around the lone pot of boiling water to make their instant coffee.

The boys decided we needed another fire in our small fire pit.

Fire. Is. Fascinating.

We even got a family photo!


Then it was time to pack up and head back home.

So, camping went well. Really, really, well. And we’ll do it again, too.

I can’t believe I just said that.


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Sick(ish) Day

When you have to stay home with a mysterious rash* on your face, it is totally acceptable to watch TV wearing a fire fighter’s hat.

*It’s probably poison ivy. 

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Watching Sports with Daddy

Steven was keeping up with the Caps run for the Stanley cup (which ended this weekend).

Lucy thought Ovechkin was overrated.

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Advancement Ceremony

The cub scouts all earned their rank badges last Friday. We had a very cool ceremony with our very own Akela, who came in wearing traditional Native American garb.

Each scout received his badge attached to a ribbon. He has to do a good dead before he gets to wear it right-side-up.

Den 4 all lined up. Akela is on the far left.

Den Leader Mommy gives Tiger Cub Matthew his badge.

Watching Den 7 get their badges.

Afterwards, we took Nana and Grandpa out for ice cream.

Showing off the new badge.

David LOVES lemon ice! He’s a pretty good sport about hanging out at pack meetings, too.

Matthew collected trash on a walk with Lucy over the weekend to earn the right to turn his badge around. He was very proud of himself.

As am I.


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Challenges of Having a Dog

Getting the dog dry after her bath is always such a challenge. I really need a new strategy.

“For heaven’s sake! Who let these people adopt a dog?”

Not this one.

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More Soccer Photos

Coach Daddy took some individual picture before the game last week.

Hi David. Hi Matthew.

Good looking Yellow Tiger team member

Mommy goofing off for the camera.

The Yellow Tigers played the Red Shirted Team from Hell (not their real name). They were really good. Usually our team plays well, scoring 20 or 30 times before having a snack and heading off to play on the play ground. Not this week. This week, they scored maybe once while the red team scored again and again and again.

And again.

It was frustrating for the boys, and a few tears were shed, but it was a good opportunity to learn how to keep trying, no matter what. And then they had snack and headed for the playground.

Four year-olds are a pretty resilient bunch.

I have NO idea what he is saying here, but doesn’t it look like he’s telling me to put down the camera and get the kids some water?

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