First Camping Trip

When Steven and I got married I told him I would happily camp in any Holiday Inn anywhere on Earth.

Then we had two boys.

So, last weekend we headed out for our first family camping trip.

“Take me! Take me! I’ll sleep in the tent! I won’t even bark! Much….”

We camped at the Boy Scout camp in Haymarket, VA. They had the canvas tents set up, so we got to avoid the hassle of figuring out if Steven’s ancient tent a) still works and b) has directions for putting it together.

The boys had a fantastic time running around outside and playing with the other kids. There were a few organized activities, but they were just as happy making up their own games.

David checked out the camp bed.

Daddy checked out the bed, too. He checked it out for awhile. With his eyes closed. He may have snored a little bit….

Spider Man books. Never leave home without them.

After running around the campsite, we got together for a pack dinner. One of our organized activities was prepping potatoes and corn to be grilled.

Hot dogs!


We had a camp fire in the evening with skits and s’mores. Matthew loved the skits, some of which were even funny to adults.

We managed to sleep pretty well, despite the train that rolled through town nearby at 10 pm. And 11 pm. And 2 am.

In the morning, we had bagels and juice. The adults huddled around the lone pot of boiling water to make their instant coffee.

The boys decided we needed another fire in our small fire pit.

Fire. Is. Fascinating.

We even got a family photo!


Then it was time to pack up and head back home.

So, camping went well. Really, really, well. And we’ll do it again, too.

I can’t believe I just said that.



May 27, 2012. family, trips.

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