Berry Picking

We are now in our third year of getting vegetables and fruit from Great Country Farm during the summer, but this was the first year we made it out to pick strawberries. We had such a great time! And the berries were so unbelievably good. I expect we’ll make it a priority to get back next year.

Matthew grabbed the camera and took our picture.

Lucy is very well-behaved on the farm.

I didn’t get any pictures while we were picking berries. I was much too busy grabbing Every. Single. Strawberry I could find. They were all so ripe and pretty!

After checking out, we tucked the berries in the car and headed to the rest of the farm to play.

That’s his trout fishing license hanging off his pocket. We weren’t going fishing, but he wanted to be prepared.

David wants a tractor for his birthday. Actually, Matthew does, too.

“The girls” relaxed in the shade. It was a hot day.

We had lunch there, played some more, and then we headed home. I spent the next day making jam. It was so delicious we ate the first jar in 3 days. I actually labeled it “The Best Strawberry Jam Ever” on the jars. It was that good.

It might not look that good, but it was delicious.

I would never make it as an actual farmer, but I really enjoy eating something I made from fruit I picked.



June 20, 2012. family.

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