How We Spent Our 4th of July

We drove back from NYC on the morning of the fourth. We left early and made such ridiculously good time I declared it a land speed record.

Seriously! It was great!

When we got back, we petted Lucy, assessed the damage from a rare “derecho” storm that blew through the Friday before, and unpacked. While I did laundry the boys went out and bought fire works.

Steven set up across the street from our house. We set off the first round of fireworks and managed to set the grass on fire.


It has been a very dry summer.


The sparklers were their usual big hit.


Lucy does not like fireworks at all, but we had a good time.


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Empire State Building

In the afternoon, we headed to the top of the Empire State Building.

This was not as much fun as we thought. It was a long wait and very crowded. The only things to look at while we waited were posters of how much more energy-efficient the ESB has become. Hooray for them.

At the top, the boys had a hard time seeing out, and after a while one rooftop looked very much like any other. We didn’t stay long.

But we went! And now we can say we did it. Here’s the proof:

Empire State Building from the bottom.

Looking out from the top.


Statue of Liberty waaaay in the distance.

Getting a boost from Daddy.

All that’s missing is the t-shirts saying, “I’ve been to the ESB. Please don’t make me go again.”



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Manhattan Harbor Tour

Matthew studied “patriotic symbols” in school this year and became fascinated with the Statue of Liberty. We planned to visit on our way back from Cape Cod, but the statue is under construction and closed. Instead, we took a tour of Manhattan harbor and got a look at Lady Liberty from the water.

Breakfast! It’s the most important meal of the day.

Checking out the destroyer. The space shuttle that used to be at Air and Space is now on deck here.

In our (air-conditioned) seats, ready to roll!

Goofing off for Daddy. There is a sign on the bin that says “No standing.” It does NOT say “no dancing.”

A view of the Freedom Tower being built on the site of the twin towers.

Getting ready for Lady Liberty.

There she is! Always more impressive in person than in photos.

We went under a lot of bridges. Matthew took pictures of many of them.

The United Nations buildings.

Wearing fancy Statue of Liberty crowns… and frowny faces because there was some argument over whose hat was which. Or something.

The statue will be open for tours again in about six months. Matthew is very excited to go back and walk all the way up. I mentioned that New York in January may not be that much fun. We’ll see….

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Stinky Seal Beach

At the end of June we headed up to Cape Cod for a reunion with Steven’s family. We took one afternoon to go to the “stinky seal beach.”

Seals look really cute on TV, but in person? They stink.

It’s a long, hot walk up and over the sand dune to get to the beach.

See that brownish-red tinge on the shore? There was some debate as to what that is. We are pretty sure it is a kind of seaweed, but “seal poop” got an honorable mention in our debate.

Matthew found a fish skull on the beach. He was very excited. We made him leave it alone.

There they are! Stinky seals on the beach!

We relaxed for a while on the beach and then headed home.

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Matthew and Lucy

Both of the boys love Lucy, but Matthew has a special rapport with her. He grabbed the camera while David was in Dinosaur camp a few weeks ago and took some pictures.

Lucy, say “cheese!”

Don’t we look cute? Lucy? Where are you going? I’m still taking candids!

How can you nap at a time like this?

Lucy was very patient, but I think she was secretly wishing Matthew would go play with his Legos.


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Matthew’s birthday cake

Matthew wanted a jungle themed birthday this year, so I made him a snake cake.

It looked a little different in my head.

See the stumpy tail? I should have figured out a better way of cutting it so the ends looked more snake-like.

It tasted good, though.

The party was the kind of chaos you get when you invite a bunch of seven and eight year old kids to your house. Even with some planned activities, it was mostly bedlam.

Matthew had a blast.

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Nine and Counting

It’s our anniversary today. The traditional gift for the 9th anniversary is pottery, but in our house it’s a trip to Hawaii.

I’m kidding. Sort of. We are going to Hawaii, but not for our anniversary. Or on our anniversary. Still, it’s an expensive trip, so we sort of decided to skip gifts this year.

I told Steven it was because every day with him is a gift.


He snorted and rolled his eyes on his way to the dish washer.

After nine years together it’s OK to be a little sarcastic at breakfast.

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Soccer Party

The Yellow Tigers ┬áhad a great soccer season this Spring. David really enjoyed having Daddy as his coach. The boys on the team had a lot of fun playing together. To celebrate the end of the season in June, we had a pizza party at Generous George’s.

David was very focused while making his own cheese pizza.

Matthew especially enjoyed the chef’s toque

After making and eating their pizzas, Coach Daddy gave everyone his trophy. The boys were all very excited. Matthew got one with “assistant coach” on the name plate.

So proud!

We can hardly wait for next season!



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Field Day

Matthew’s class had field day on June 11th. They spent two hours rotating through a bunch of stations – mostly outdoor, some indoor, a few with water – that were run by the 6th graders. I got to tag along as a parent volunteer.

Class photo!

Matthew’s “silly face” pose.

Potato sack race

Cup stacking

“Hi Mommy! Thanks for coming today!”

Bike riding through the sprinkler – fun!

Matthew had a lot of fun. The kids changed stations often enough that they didn’t have time to get bored. It was a fun day and I’m glad I got a chance to join him.






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Dancing Fools

I am working on updating our photos so I can post blogs from the past few weeks. Until then, enjoy this little dance video the boys insisted I take of them and post on youtube. (They are such modern children)

Matthew and David dancing

Lucy had fun, too.

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