Manhattan Harbor Tour

Matthew studied “patriotic symbols” in school this year and became fascinated with the Statue of Liberty. We planned to visit on our way back from Cape Cod, but the statue is under construction and closed. Instead, we took a tour of Manhattan harbor and got a look at Lady Liberty from the water.

Breakfast! It’s the most important meal of the day.

Checking out the destroyer. The space shuttle that used to be at Air and Space is now on deck here.

In our (air-conditioned) seats, ready to roll!

Goofing off for Daddy. There is a sign on the bin that says “No standing.” It does NOT say “no dancing.”

A view of the Freedom Tower being built on the site of the twin towers.

Getting ready for Lady Liberty.

There she is! Always more impressive in person than in photos.

We went under a lot of bridges. Matthew took pictures of many of them.

The United Nations buildings.

Wearing fancy Statue of Liberty crowns… and frowny faces because there was some argument over whose hat was which. Or something.

The statue will be open for tours again in about six months. Matthew is very excited to go back and walk all the way up. I mentioned that New York in January may not be that much fun. We’ll see….


July 23, 2012. family, trips.

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