Jet Lag. We hates it.

We got back from Hawaii last Tuesday (so, almost a week ago), and I think we are just about fully recovered from the jet lag.

Almost, but not quite.

The trip out was a 10 hour flight. We left here in the afternoon and arrived in Honolulu around 5 pm, except it felt like 11 pm and did I mention the 10 hour flight? We staggered to our hotel and out for dinner and dropped into bed by 9 am (except it felt like, well, it felt like death to be honest).

David woke up at 4:30 am. For the day. Steven took him out for a walk (“Waikiki is a very interesting place at 4:30 am.”) Matthew and I were up by 5 am. This was our routine for most of our trip. By the last two days we managed to sleep in until 6:30 am and then 7 am.

And then we flew home.

Another 10 hour flight, this time over night. David slept for a while, woke up for a while, and went back to sleep. Matthew slept fitfully, trying desperately to find a comfy spot. Steven and I slept off and on, but not much. We staggered home around 11 am the next morning. Steven and I napped. The boys fell asleep at the table during dinner. We put them to bed, watched some Olympics, and headed to bed around 10 pm. David was up by 10:15 pm. Matthew was up a few minutes later. Neither one went back to sleep until 1 am.

It took Matthew one night to get over the middle-of-the-night thing. It took David three nights (we made him promise to try to fall back asleep on his own, please, oh please, oh pretty please.) Steven and I are still having a hard time falling asleep in the evening, but gradually we are waking up earlier.

I don’t want to know how many hours of sleep we have lost in the process, but it doesn’t matter. It was totally worth it. Painful (did I mention the 10 hour flight?), but worth it.


August 6, 2012. family, trips.

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