Hawaii Day 2 (part 2) The Honolulu Zoo

The Honolulu Zoo was something I decided to do to fill the day while Daddy was at work. Turns out it was one of our favorite things. We spent close to five hours there. The exhibits were close enough to make for a good walk, but not a long hike, and the animals were close enough we could really see them (except the elephants. Their enclosure gate was broken so they all sneaked back into their quiet space and hid. True story!)

Look! A Komodo dragon! How cool! Look, mom! Look!

A koi pond with a clear tube in the middle. You can juuuuuuust see the top of David’s head. They didn’t want to leave.

There was a mini petting zoo with goats. This one tried to eat some guy’s shorts.

After farm camp, both boys are very comfortable around goats.

Closest I have ever been to a giraffe.

Fascinating trees. We never did find out the name. There was a playground in the middle of the zoo where the boys played for at least half an hour.

Ring-tailed lemurs. They were very entertaining.

We got to see some of the turtles eating carrots and sweet potatoes. Those beaks are sharp!

Thanks for taking us to the zoo, Mom. Now quit taking our picture.

After the zoo, we walked to the southern end of Waikiki beach. There was a pier with some kids jumping into the water. The boys thought this looked like Lots Of Fun (me? not so much). There is a statue there of a surfer, which we also checked out.

Hang ten, dude!


August 19, 2012. family, trips.

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