Hawaii Day 4 (part 1) – Pali Highway Overlook

The boys were desperate for a pool/beach day, so I didn’t plan anything big. Plus, Daddy needed the car to take his turn driving the carpool to work. Win/win, as they say. We headed to the beach in the morning, and the pool in the mid day, but I didn’t take pictures. I was too busy making sure no one drowned.

Daddy came home early in the afternoon, so we decided to head out for a hike. We had read about a hike up to Manoa Falls, which was listed as “easy for families.” We set out with our handy directions and promptly got lost. (See? It’s not just me. Steven gets lost sometimes too.)

But – surprise! We found this really cool overlook off the Pali Highway. Totally unexpected! It was such a vastly different view of the island we couldn’t resist hanging out for a bit taking pictures. It was very windy, and I didn’t have our jackets, so we got a bit chilly.

Seriously free-range chickens in the parking lot.

It’s so pretty! It’s so windy!

From the mountains to the beach. What a view!

On the other side of the mountain range is the north shore, where we were the day before.

Diamond head in the distance.

Checking out the view.

I’m not sure where this path goes, but we hiked up for fun.

Hi mommy! Look at us!

We had been a little frustrated with our directions, but after wandering around this beautiful spot we decided it was serendipity. Or at least very good luck.


August 22, 2012. family, trips.

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