Last Morning in Waikiki

We left for Maui on Friday afternoon. Daddy had to go to work Friday morning, so we stayed near the hotel and did some laundry and packed up for our flight.

The pool, always a fan favorite.

Like everything else in Hawaii, the laundry room was open-air. The boys hung out with me for a while and then headed back to the room to watch Sponge Bob. (Seriously. Ten days in Hawaii, one kid’s channel, one program on it. Sheesh) After everything was packed up I sent them to the pool for one last splash.

The boys loved the pool. Matthew was able to touch almost everywhere, so he swam around and played with any kid (or adult!) he could find. He also enjoyed the hot tub. David couldn’t touch past the stairs. He was a frustrated swimmer. Unless I got in with him, he was stuck with playing on the stairs or in the hot tub. He really wanted a floaty, but I hadn’t brought one and couldn’t go buy one on Friday morning.

We headed to the airport in the afternoon, where Steven and I managed to lose track of each other. He had Matthew, the big suitcase, and his backpack. I had David, the little suit case, and my back pack. After a trip with David to the bathroom, I went to the wrong terminal. It took awhile to find the right terminal, by which point Steven had figured out we were in the wrong one and went looking for us. Eventually I used my good, cub scout leader training, and stayed put at the Hawaiin Air counter, where I knew Steven had to come. And he did. Steven was truly relieved. Matthew was a little freaked out. David had not realized we were lost.

By the time we reached Maui, we were relaxed and ready for the next part of our adventure!


August 24, 2012. family, trips.

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