A Real Hawaiian Luau.

One of the things Steven and I decided we had to do in Hawaii was attend a Luau. Our hotel in Maui sponsored one several nights a week, so we got tickets. We wore floral leis, we saw a guy crack a coconut with a rock, we tasted poi (it was purple, and kind of sour, and not something I need to eat ever again) and we watched hula dancing. It. Was. Awesome.

Our emcee and lead singer.

Perfect evening for a luau.

David took a picture of Daddy….

… and Mommy….

… and Matthew.

Lovely ladies at the beginning.

The band.

Conch shells make excellent horns.

Lining up by our seats for the next dance. Matthew was very concerned about the lack of pants on the guys.

The final dance was the Fire Sword Dance. It was fantastic. The boys absolutely loved it.

It’s the kind of experience you remember forever.


August 26, 2012. family, trips.

One Comment

  1. cdaniellew replied:

    I don’t like poi either! I’m glad the boys had fun (they told me: “Danielle, we were grumpy because Mom and Dad said it was just food and music, but it was actually AWESOME!”)

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