Back to School!

The last few weeks have been a flurry of getting ready and going back to school. We are still settling into our school year routines, which include Matthew heading off the second grade, David going to preschool five mornings a week, and Mommy going back to work two mornings a week.

It’s exhausting.

We did manage to get some “first day pictures.”

Second grade, here I come!

A little bit excited, a little bit nervous.

ALWAYS time for silliness.

David started back the next week.

No nerves at all, just ready for fun!

Woo hoo!

Dinosaurs Class, here I come!

The boys love school. Matthew is having a great time learning about butterflies and David is having a great time period. It’s a crazy, busy, happy, stressful time.

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One of the reasons we chose Maui as our second island to visit is the volcano, Haleakala. We planned our trip for a morning, packed some snacks and the portable DVD player and headed out.

We started off in sunny, lovely, 85* weather and started up the windy, twisty drive to 20, 000 feet. The drive up was beautiful for the first half. Then we noticed it was getting a little cloudy and just a bit misty. And then we realized it was also getting cooler. By the time we were at the summit, we knew we were screwed. It was rainy and 40* and we had not brought our jackets.

After an hour and a half in the car, we did not want to head right back, but we could not walk around in t-shirts and shorts. It was way too cold! So, we were good tourists and bought long-sleeved t-shirts in the gift shop.

Not only is this a great picture of horse patoots, it’s also a good indication of the misty rain we had.

It’s cold! Even in our long-sleeved shirts! But the sun is out!

We learned about the Nunu bird, who only lives in the Haleakala crater. Matthew is checking for one here.

20,000 feet is above the clouds. How cool is that?

Checking out the view (such as it was) from inside a ranger station.

The family that huddles together stays together.

Imagine a crater big enough that the island of Manhattan, turned sideways, could fit down inside. No, I can’t either. But that is what we would be seeing if the weather was clear.

David next to a silver sword cactus, which only grows on Haleakala.

Raining again, so Matthew (the tiny white dot on the right) headed back to the car.

One fun thing we got to do (besides run around outside in the bitter, windy, cold and rain) was complete a Junior Naturalist activity. We visited three ranger stations and completed the activities and then we all got a fancy, gold(ish) badge. Matthew wore his home. He was very proud of his badge.

Next time we go for a hike at an elevation of over, say, 10 ¬†feet? I’m bringing jackets. Never making that mistake again.

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