Where Has the Time Gone?

Good grief. I haven’t posted a blog since September? More than three months!


Where has the time gone? I’d like to say that we have just been so busy doing wonderful, family-oriented, things that I couldn’t get to the computer. Ha!

We have been busy, and we have been doing some fun family stuff, but mostly I have just been running in circles trying to get through each day quick before the next one comes and OH CRAP IS IT DAVID’S SNACK DAY AGAIN?????

You know. Life. Somehow going back to work two measly half-days a week has sucked up every spare moment of my time. Well, that and I took up sewing and so I spent some of my free time this fall doing that.

And now it is December and I always feel overly busy and stressed in December and let me just say that adding in work did not make me any less stressed. There was a point a few weeks ago when I really wanted to run away, but Steven convinced to me to stay because someone had to get the laundry done and he’s not sure where all those clothes go. You know you are having a crazy holiday when someone cancels their annual Christmas party because of burst pipes and your first reaction is “Thank God.”

Anyway, we’re all here and we’re all fine. Matthew is counting down the days until Christmas. David is, too, but he is still a little fuzzy on time concepts so he can’t decide if Christmas is a few days away or a few weeks away, or maybe it’s today and no one remembered to tell him.Lucy is keeping busy stealing food, chasing birds, and napping on the Christmas lap quilt I made. Steven is juggling rehearsals and concerts and work and travel. He’s pretty tired, to be honest. I finished teaching for the year just in time to focus on the 2nd grade holiday party. And, oh yeah, all the rest of the cooking, baking, buying, and wrapping left to do in the next (yikes!) five days.

I keep reminding myself that Christmas is not really about the gifts or the cookies, that the important things will get done and the rest wasn’t that important, that we are really just lucky to be healthy and happy. It’s all true, but it’s a hard concept to hold onto this time of year.

Maybe in 2013 I’ll be able to slow down a little and get back to blogging the little adventures (and misadventures) of life with the boys.

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I crack myself up.


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