Snow Thank You

We have had a bitterly cold week. The temps dropped below freezing on Monday night and stayed there until Sunday afternoon. Count in the wind chill and it was painful to be outside for long.

But guess what? You still have to walk the dog. Twice a day. In the cold.

On Thursday, we had some snow. It was just an inch, but schools were delayed in the morning by 2 hours. Steven took Lucy for her walk and reported that she did not care for the snow at all. It got in her paws and irritated her. She got a decent walk, but she was not staying out any longer than absolutely necessary.

On Thursday afternoon, I took Lucy for a walk while the boys had a kid’s yoga class. She. Was. Miserable. I forgot her little coat, so she shivered the whole time. And the snow? In her paws? Made her crazy. She would stop dead and lift one paw off the ground for a minute. Then she would hop along on three legs. Then she would put the paw back down (I guess the snow or ice stuck in her paw had melted a bit) and trot along for a few feet until she would stop and do it all again. 

Every dog walker we passed said the same thing, “I wish this dog would just poop so we can go home!”

I wished Lucy would just walk so we could go home. Eventually we made it back to the car where she flopped down for a rest.

Lucy would never make it as a sled dog.

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David was a sheep for the Preschool Christmas Program. He really wanted to be a donkey, but someone else was chosen for that.


He was a great sheep. He hollered “Baa!” at just the right moment.


January 2, 2013. David. 1 comment.

Happy New Year!

We rang in the New Year with style – David fell asleep before dinner, I fell asleep on the couch at 8:30 pm (in my defense, I have a cold and a headache) and Matthew and Steven camped in the family room, staying up until 10 pm. Lucy woke up at midnight long enough to bark at the fireworks. 

Good times!

Here are some of our favorite events from 2012.

* Pinewood derby (“even though I didn’t win”)

* Rain Gutter Regatta

* Hawaii trip

* Seeing the Huma Huma at the Maui Ocean Center

* Going up to Haleakala and seeing the silver sword cactus

* Going to the Outer Banks and swimming “at midnight” (it was 8 pm, but dark)

* Taking a plane ride at the Outer Banks

* Vacationing in Cape Cod with family

* Daddy coaching David’s soccer team

* Matthew passing the swim test

* Family camping – Twice!

* Mommy heading back to teaching

* David playing a sheep in the manager at the Preschool Christmas Program

May 2013 be filled with just as much adventure and laughter!

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