David was a sheep for the Preschool Christmas Program. He really wanted to be a donkey, but someone else was chosen for that.


He was a great sheep. He hollered “Baa!” at just the right moment.


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Back to School!

The last few weeks have been a flurry of getting ready and going back to school. We are still settling into our school year routines, which include Matthew heading off the second grade, David going to preschool five mornings a week, and Mommy going back to work two mornings a week.

It’s exhausting.

We did manage to get some “first day pictures.”

Second grade, here I come!

A little bit excited, a little bit nervous.

ALWAYS time for silliness.

David started back the next week.

No nerves at all, just ready for fun!

Woo hoo!

Dinosaurs Class, here I come!

The boys love school. Matthew is having a great time learning about butterflies and David is having a great time period. It’s a crazy, busy, happy, stressful time.

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Soccer Party

The Yellow Tigers  had a great soccer season this Spring. David really enjoyed having Daddy as his coach. The boys on the team had a lot of fun playing together. To celebrate the end of the season in June, we had a pizza party at Generous George’s.

David was very focused while making his own cheese pizza.

Matthew especially enjoyed the chef’s toque

After making and eating their pizzas, Coach Daddy gave everyone his trophy. The boys were all very excited. Matthew got one with “assistant coach” on the name plate.

So proud!

We can hardly wait for next season!



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Dancing Fools

I am working on updating our photos so I can post blogs from the past few weeks. Until then, enjoy this little dance video the boys insisted I take of them and post on youtube. (They are such modern children)

Matthew and David dancing

Lucy had fun, too.

July 17, 2012. David, Matthew. 3 comments.

David’s Last Day

David’s last day as a Star Pony was the Friday before Memorial Day.  The Thursday before that was “certificate day.”

Enjoying a book while the parents gather.

David has really enjoyed being a Star Pony this year. David’s favorite thing was running laps around the playground structure, which the class did every morning to help burn off some energy.

“Hi, Mommy.”

They were an energetic bunch this year.

We love our teachers!

I got to sub twice in David’s class this spring and I was impressed watching him in the classroom. He gets along well with his friends, he listens well at circle time, and he does what he is asked without complaint.

So, he’s pretty much the polar opposite from when he is at home.

I love that kid.

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Sick(ish) Day

When you have to stay home with a mysterious rash* on your face, it is totally acceptable to watch TV wearing a fire fighter’s hat.

*It’s probably poison ivy. 

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A Visit to the TV Station

One of the required field trips for earning the Tiger badge is visiting a TV or radio station. Our den scored a visit to the local Fairfax Channel 12 station.

“Before” group shot of the boys (and a few older brothers).

David got to come along, too.

We toured the whole facility, disrupting at least a dozen people trying to get their work done.

The equipment room. Our tour guide was very good about answering the kinds of questions 6-year-old boys ask.

After looking at the office spaces and equipment used to make some of the PSAs Channel 12 puts out, the kids got to see the studio. With the green screen. Everyone got his turn acting in front of the green screen while we cheered for him on TV.

It’s weather man Matthew!

Field trip = fun!

“Learn about a TV station” – check!

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Rainy days are perfect

for afternoon naps.

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Mommy, Look At Us!

I came downstairs after my shower and found my counter absolutely crawling in little boys.


On the one hand, I applaud their self-sufficiency. On the other hand, they spilled stuff everywhere. And I’m not entirely sure David is wearing underpants.

April 24, 2012. David, Matthew. 1 comment.

David’s 1st Soccer Game of Spring

Soccer started up again last week. David was delighted to be on the field again.

He is super excited to have Daddy as a coach.

His jersey is number 10.

His team is called the Yellow Tigers.

He scored a goal in the first game.

Hooray for soccer!

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