Snow Thank You

We have had a bitterly cold week. The temps dropped below freezing on Monday night and stayed there until Sunday afternoon. Count in the wind chill and it was painful to be outside for long.

But guess what? You still have to walk the dog. Twice a day. In the cold.

On Thursday, we had some snow. It was just an inch, but schools were delayed in the morning by 2 hours. Steven took Lucy for her walk and reported that she did not care for the snow at all. It got in her paws and irritated her. She got a decent walk, but she was not staying out any longer than absolutely necessary.

On Thursday afternoon, I took Lucy for a walk while the boys had a kid’s yoga class. She. Was. Miserable. I forgot her little coat, so she shivered the whole time. And the snow? In her paws? Made her crazy. She would stop dead and lift one paw off the ground for a minute. Then she would hop along on three legs. Then she would put the paw back down (I guess the snow or ice stuck in her paw had melted a bit) and trot along for a few feet until she would stop and do it all again. 

Every dog walker we passed said the same thing, “I wish this dog would just poop so we can go home!”

I wished Lucy would just walk so we could go home. Eventually we made it back to the car where she flopped down for a rest.

Lucy would never make it as a sled dog.

January 27, 2013. Lucy. Leave a comment.

Matthew and Lucy

Both of the boys love Lucy, but Matthew has a special rapport with her. He grabbed the camera while David was in Dinosaur camp a few weeks ago and took some pictures.

Lucy, say “cheese!”

Don’t we look cute? Lucy? Where are you going? I’m still taking candids!

How can you nap at a time like this?

Lucy was very patient, but I think she was secretly wishing Matthew would go play with his Legos.


July 21, 2012. Lucy, Matthew. 1 comment.

Oh, Deer!

It’s mulberry season and the tree in our backyard is in full bloom. It’s got to be a favorite time of year for our neighborhood deer. I looked out back this week and saw one munching away on berries. In our yard. While Lucy watched from the porch.

She could have gone out into the yard if she wanted to. She didn’t want to. She stood stock still on the porch until the deer left on its own.

Her contract does not include deer removal.

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Watching Sports with Daddy

Steven was keeping up with the Caps run for the Stanley cup (which ended this weekend).

Lucy thought Ovechkin was overrated.

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Challenges of Having a Dog

Getting the dog dry after her bath is always such a challenge. I really need a new strategy.

“For heaven’s sake! Who let these people adopt a dog?”

Not this one.

May 15, 2012. Lucy. Leave a comment.


Rainy days are perfect

for afternoon naps.

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Breaking All the Rules

We don’t allow dogs on the furniture.

In her defense, the dog bed is on the chair.

April 25, 2012. Lucy. Leave a comment.

Definitely NOT Compostible

Lucy was having a bark-fest around the compost bin this morning. This is hardly unusual. One of her favorite activities is to bark at the compost bin, the fence next to the bin, the drain next to the bin. We figure there is a neighborhood cat who skulks around there.

So she barked, and I ignored her. I did check on her once, and I saw her trying to leap up on top. I opened the window and hollered at her to stop. She had (I thought) knocked the front off and compost was spilling out on the grass. Oh, great! Another item on my “to do” list. Clean up the compost.  I didn’t exactly hurry out.

When I did, I filled a bucket with the stuff, which I planned to put at the base of the tree we got for Steven a few years ago. But not all of the compost had broken down. I grabbed a few stray egg shells to toss back in, flung back the lid, and came face to face with a big, fat raccoon.

Always good in a crisis, I shrieked and ran about 6 feet away.

The raccoon, having made a fairly impressive entrance, beat a hasty retreat. He leaped down and headed for the fence. After an hour of barking at this thing, Lucy was not letting it go without a fight. She lunged and jumped onto the raccoon. I yelled, I mean really yelled, at her to leave it alone. For heaven’s sake, just think of the vet bills! She relaxed long enough for the raccoon to get onto the fence. It took him a minute to heave his fat butt over the top, and then he ran off.

I may never innocently fling that lid open again.

April 11, 2012. Lucy, Mommy. 1 comment.

Matthew’s Photo Journal

While I was in the shower this week, Matthew grabbed the camera and had a mini photo session with David and Lucy.

I don’t know what I love more,

David’s cheerfulness,

or Lucy’s patience,

or Matthew’s sense of composition.

March 8, 2012. David, Lucy, Matthew. Leave a comment.

The Big Game

We watched the super bowl last night. At least, we watched until we fell asleep. David went first, then Matthew, then Mommy. Steven stayed up for the whole game.

Hooray Giants!

(They won, right?).

“Super bowl, shmooper bowl. How come I didn’t get any chili?”

February 6, 2012. Daddy, David, family, Lucy, Matthew, Mommy. Leave a comment.

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