Back to School!

The last few weeks have been a flurry of getting ready and going back to school. We are still settling into our school year routines, which include Matthew heading off the second grade, David going to preschool five mornings a week, and Mommy going back to work two mornings a week.

It’s exhausting.

We did manage to get some “first day pictures.”

Second grade, here I come!

A little bit excited, a little bit nervous.

ALWAYS time for silliness.

David started back the next week.

No nerves at all, just ready for fun!

Woo hoo!

Dinosaurs Class, here I come!

The boys love school. Matthew is having a great time learning about butterflies and David is having a great time period. It’s a crazy, busy, happy, stressful time.

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Matthew and Lucy

Both of the boys love Lucy, but Matthew has a special rapport with her. He grabbed the camera while David was in Dinosaur camp a few weeks ago and took some pictures.

Lucy, say “cheese!”

Don’t we look cute? Lucy? Where are you going? I’m still taking candids!

How can you nap at a time like this?

Lucy was very patient, but I think she was secretly wishing Matthew would go play with his Legos.


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Matthew’s birthday cake

Matthew wanted a jungle themed birthday this year, so I made him a snake cake.

It looked a little different in my head.

See the stumpy tail? I should have figured out a better way of cutting it so the ends looked more snake-like.

It tasted good, though.

The party was the kind of chaos you get when you invite a bunch of seven and eight year old kids to your house. Even with some planned activities, it was mostly bedlam.

Matthew had a blast.

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Soccer Party

The Yellow Tigers ¬†had a great soccer season this Spring. David really enjoyed having Daddy as his coach. The boys on the team had a lot of fun playing together. To celebrate the end of the season in June, we had a pizza party at Generous George’s.

David was very focused while making his own cheese pizza.

Matthew especially enjoyed the chef’s toque

After making and eating their pizzas, Coach Daddy gave everyone his trophy. The boys were all very excited. Matthew got one with “assistant coach” on the name plate.

So proud!

We can hardly wait for next season!



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Field Day

Matthew’s class had field day on June 11th. They spent two hours rotating through a bunch of stations – mostly outdoor, some indoor, a few with water – that were run by the 6th graders. I got to tag along as a parent volunteer.

Class photo!

Matthew’s “silly face” pose.

Potato sack race

Cup stacking

“Hi Mommy! Thanks for coming today!”

Bike riding through the sprinkler – fun!

Matthew had a lot of fun. The kids changed stations often enough that they didn’t have time to get bored. It was a fun day and I’m glad I got a chance to join him.






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Dancing Fools

I am working on updating our photos so I can post blogs from the past few weeks. Until then, enjoy this little dance video the boys insisted I take of them and post on youtube. (They are such modern children)

Matthew and David dancing

Lucy had fun, too.

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Matthew Turns Seven

Seven has some interesting meanings. There are seven notes on the music scale. There are seven fundamental types of catastrophes. There are seven players on a team in ultimate frisbee. The number seven gets a lot of play in the bible, starting with the number of days of creation and ending with the seven Spirits of God in Revelations. And – Matthew would especially love this – there were seven islands in the mythical Atlantis.

But in our house, seven has a different meaning. Seven means Lego toys and chapter books. Cub scouts, spelling homework, Pb&h sandwiches for lunch. It means fighting with your brother one minute, then turning the picnic table into a canoe and paddling down the Amazon with him another. Seven means desperately wanting to be independent enough to take the dog for a walk, then getting bored after 5 minutes and running off to find the Biggest Stick In The World. Seven means having faith that your lemonade stand is the best one ever, and believing that if you make the Leprechaun trap just right, it will catch one of the wily little devils.

Seven is pretty awesome.

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Rain Gutter Regatta

The Tiger scouts got to participate in the Rain Gutter Regatta a few weeks ago.

We spare no expense on fancy signs in cub scouts.

Each of the boys got a boat kit to paint and assemble. Matthew chose his favorite colors – purple, green, and gold.

Herding cats. It’s what we do in Tiger scouts.

On the day of the race, Matthew asked me if he was going to have to climb all the way up the ladder to get to the rain gutter. Six is still a very literal age, apparently.

The race consisted of each boy blowing through a regulation straw onto the sail of his boat to propel it down the rain gutter, which was NOT connected to the side of a house.

We had a double elimination system set up, so you could lose one race and still race again.

Matthew’s cheering team of Grandpa and David.

The regatta was a little trickier than the pinewood derby. At least, it resulted in a lot more frustration and grief on the part of the participants.

Getting the straw into position.

But I was really proud of Matthew. Actually, really really proud of him. He cheered on his fellow competitors. Even though other kids left to go play, Matthew stayed and cheered on each racer.


His boat did really well, but when he lost the first time, he congratulated the winner and went right back to cheering on the other scouts.

He had a whole system going for continuous blowing through the straw.

He didn’t win. In the last race, his sail starting twisting with each blow, but he didn’t get frustrated. He fixed the sail and kept on going. And even though the other scout was done, Matthew kept at it until his boat was at the end of the rain gutter.

I was so proud of him.

Getting his 2nd place ribbon.

Matthew was pretty excited to get a ribbon. His pride lasted almost 5 whole minutes until he started thinking about something else. Like which flashlight he would bring camping.

I love that kid.


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Advancement Ceremony

The cub scouts all earned their rank badges last Friday. We had a very cool ceremony with our very own Akela, who came in wearing traditional Native American garb.

Each scout received his badge attached to a ribbon. He has to do a good dead before he gets to wear it right-side-up.

Den 4 all lined up. Akela is on the far left.

Den Leader Mommy gives Tiger Cub Matthew his badge.

Watching Den 7 get their badges.

Afterwards, we took Nana and Grandpa out for ice cream.

Showing off the new badge.

David LOVES lemon ice! He’s a pretty good sport about hanging out at pack meetings, too.

Matthew collected trash on a walk with Lucy over the weekend to earn the right to turn his badge around. He was very proud of himself.

As am I.


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A Visit to the TV Station

One of the required field trips for earning the Tiger badge is visiting a TV or radio station. Our den scored a visit to the local Fairfax Channel 12 station.

“Before” group shot of the boys (and a few older brothers).

David got to come along, too.

We toured the whole facility, disrupting at least a dozen people trying to get their work done.

The equipment room. Our tour guide was very good about answering the kinds of questions 6-year-old boys ask.

After looking at the office spaces and equipment used to make some of the PSAs Channel 12 puts out, the kids got to see the studio. With the green screen. Everyone got his turn acting in front of the green screen while we cheered for him on TV.

It’s weather man Matthew!

Field trip = fun!

“Learn about a TV station” – check!

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