Back to School!

The last few weeks have been a flurry of getting ready and going back to school. We are still settling into our school year routines, which include Matthew heading off the second grade, David going to preschool five mornings a week, and Mommy going back to work two mornings a week.

It’s exhausting.

We did manage to get some “first day pictures.”

Second grade, here I come!

A little bit excited, a little bit nervous.

ALWAYS time for silliness.

David started back the next week.

No nerves at all, just ready for fun!

Woo hoo!

Dinosaurs Class, here I come!

The boys love school. Matthew is having a great time learning about butterflies and David is having a great time period. It’s a crazy, busy, happy, stressful time.

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First Grade Scenery

A week before the first graders had their Holiday Spectacular!, I got an urgent plea from a fellow mom. Sara had been hard at work creating the scenery for the first graders, but needed help getting it all hung. We had to do it the Friday before the show, and it had to be done by COB on Friday to be ready for the first (of three) performances Monday morning.

Ten days before Christmas is not an ideal time to be out volunteering, so of course, I said yes.

We spent five hours working on the scenery. It was well worth the time. The teachers were over-the-moon excited to see the beautiful work Sara had done. In past yeas, the set has consisted of shower curtains.

We started by gluing down some gossamer to create “snow” and then we glued down the large pieces to the backdrop. At this point, I was coated in a layer of spray glue and glitter and I stuck to pretty much anything I touched.

One of the tall mothers hung snowflakes from the ceiling on the stage and all around the cafeteria.

Once the big pieces were down, we glued stars at the top of the backdrop. Sara added some beautiful shimmer around the stars that was truly impressive. I helped hang white sheets on the sides of the stage (because I don’t really “do” impressive).

We were finally ready to hang the backdrop a little after lunch. Unfortunately, many of the volunteers from the morning had to leave. We had to recruit a few moms who happened to be at school doing other volunteer jobs. Even better, one of them was tall AND wearing heels. We stood on ladders and used binder clips to attach the backdrop to a ledge in the ceiling tiles.

It looked so good!

We taped it onto the floor so it wouldn’t wave when the kids walked in front of it. Then we fussed with the rest of the stage to make it look a little more finished.

At some point, someone found some old decorations and we decided to put them at the entrance.

Cute, eh? We did the whole thing before we lit the sign. Thank goodness it worked.

We finished this just as the kids were lining up for their final dress rehearsal. Matthew is always happy to see me at school.

The kids loved the scenery. The teachers loved the scenery. After five hours, I loved it, too, but I was kind of over it. I was in desperate need of a cup of coffee, so I didn’t stay for the rehearsal.

So shimmery!

PS – The glue mostly came off my jeans, but there is still enough glitter stuck on to be a good conversation piece.


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Lucy, sit!

We signed Lucy up for obedience classes this fall. Every Saturday morning, Daddy took the boys to soccer and Mommy took Lucy to obedience class. We spent eight weeks learning the basics – look, sit, down, stand, come, touch, stay, heel, and quiet.


We had a graduation ceremony complete with certificates and treats! Watching a room full of puppies pose for a group picture is hilarious.

Lucy had a pretty good time in class, and she learned a lot, but she still has a ways to go.

For example,

she knows she is not allowed on the furniture.

And? The day after she graduated from Level 1 obedience? She stole a piece of bread from Matthew.

Apparently “morals and ethics” are covered in Level 2.

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We got all ready for hurricane Irene the last week of summer, but that was nothing compared to the flooding we got with tropical storm Lee. It rained the entire first week of school.

It rained. And it rained. And it rained. And it rained.


On Thursday it rained really hard off on during the day. The ground had soaked up as much water as it could. We started hearing flood warnings, hardly surprising. I checked the basement periodically, but it remained blessedly dry.

A river runs through the front yard.

As much water as I have ever seen in the front yard.

Water in the backyard where it has collected before.

Water where it has never collected before.

Water RUSHING around the swing set. Crazy!

Grandma and Yeye were visiting. I took advantage of their help and headed to the gym, leaving Grandma to pick up Matthew from the bus stop. She called at 4:15 to tell me the buses could not get to school because of flooding. I was on my way home, so I rerouted and headed to school. My first attempt through the closest neighborhood failed when I encountered water so deep it covered the tires of cars parked on the street. West Ox Road was fine, although we all had to go down to one lane to avoid some big puddles. I headed for the side of Fox Mill Road with the higher trough (lower hill?) figuring it was the likelier side to be passable. I had a back-up plan if I couldn’t get down the road, but I was successful.

Once at school, I joined a line of other parents picking up their stranded kids.

It was a very wet wait. I only had my raincoat, since I didn’t plan to stand out in the rain. Inside, things were orderly, in a mildly chaotic sort of way. There were a number of staff members taking our names, the names of the kids we were picking up, and their grades. Then a runner would go to the classroom, pick up the kids and deliver them to waiting parents in the lobby.

Matthew came trotting down the hallway with his back pack around 5 pm and said, “Mommy, why didn’t the buses come get us?” I told him he would understand when he saw the water on Fox Mill Rd*. I dressed him in my rain coat and we jogged out to the car.

I had no snacks with me, so we ate the apple slices he didn’t finish from lunch. When we drove through the impromptu river flowing over the road, Matthew exclaimed “Wow. That’s a lot of water.”

It was. It was the only time I worried. Although I saw car after car go through, I could feel the water pushing against the tires as we drove. “This,” I said to myself, “is why people aren’t supposed to drive on flooded roads.”

We made it home at 6:15 pm.

Then I had to walk the dog. At least I had a chance to put on dry clothes and grab an umbrella.

And there was a nice glass of wine poured by my mother-in-law waiting for me when I got back.

* PS – If you click on the link and see the video, you should know there isn’t usually a pond on the far side of the road. To my knowledge, there isn’t usually water of any kind over there.

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Happy President’s Day!

Matthew has been learning about the presidents in school. He came home one day and shared some interesting information.

“Mommy! Did you know? George Washington’s teeth were disgusting!”

I asked him if he knew who George Washington was. “A…… president?” Yes, and which one, I asked. “Uh….. I dunno.”

“Hey, Grandma!” he shouted, “Did you know? George Washington’s teeth were disgusting!”

Then he showed us his Scholastic Reader for the week. There was a spread on Mount Vernon and George Washington’s life.

Matthew is right. Washington’s teeth were disgusting.

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Pajama Day

Friday was Pajama Day in kindergarten.

The kids were so excited to go to school in their pajamas. The teachers played along, too.

Matthew worked on his handwriting a little bit with his teacher. He loves her.

We had four different activities for Pajama Day. I helped the kids make a “10 in the Bed” craft with a patterned quilt, nine popsicle stick friends, and one little stick who yells, “Roll over!”

After centers, the kids had a snack of cookies and hot cocoa.

Every day should be pajama day.

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